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My name is Scott. I have lived in Ohio all of my life. I am married and have three children. I work a lot at my primary job and own a web design and hosting business. My wife co-owns a wedding decoration and rental business as well. I have had Tinnitus for 13 years but it only recently became a distraction in my life. I am currently developing a site for Tinnitus information and support called osTinnitus.org Scott's Links Family Photo Album Where I publish most of my music... It's free and will always be. Tryad - Is the first International Creative Commons Licensed internet music collaboration, I am member. Opsound is where I got my start in terms of music publishing. I got a movie deal from this site. (I didn't charge anyone a dime) The Internet Achive Search that shows some of the stuff that I published. IA is the best. Scott Waddell My Masking SoundsRain (w/ Thunder & Some Nature) - 00:25:52 Night Time By A Creek (w/Crickets, Owl & Campfire) - 00:22:30 White Noise (Mono) - 00:20:00 White Noise (Stereo) - 00:20:00 And I made an 8 hour white noise loop... Just use the mp3 players equalizer to adjust it to your liking. White Noise (Stereo) - 08:02:21
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Nine Inch Nails The Flaming Lips Everything But The Girl Pretty Lights POS

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